Senjo-Color Basic Bodypaint is a water-based, high yielding and highly pigmented make-up for brush and airbrush. Using 0.6 bar and nozzles from 0.2mm, the paints can be applied evenly across larger surfaces, or to create fine lines.
The paints are ready for use and can be easily mixed.

Application Bodypainting, Facepainting
Processing with airbrush and brush
Consistency liquid
Paint Water-based
Special features can be sprayed with fine and large nozzles, easy to apply with a brush
Bodypainting mit Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypaint
Bodypainting mit Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypaint

Senjo-Color Basic Bodypaint is also highly suitable for face and body painting with a brush. To increase durability, setting spray can be used. The paints are easily washed off with soap and water.
Their satin finish lends itself to create professional photos without sheen.
Models love the velvety paints, which feel good on their skin and are easily removed with soap and water.
The paints are 100% produced in Germany, and conform to the strict norms of the European Cosmetics Directive. For your safety, they have also been dermatologically tested.