3D mask construction SFX Workshop 2018

Enrico Abdruck in der Maske

The #SenjoAcademy starts with the first workshop in 2018

No sooner has the old year come to rest than it’s hot again at the beginning of 2018 in #SenjoLoft.
Enrico Lein, the “Transformaker” teaches the participants the most important basics for the three-dimensional transformations with hot foam.

senjoacademy 2018
The program includes modeling, mold making and foaming with warm foam. At the end of the workshop, parts are then glued and colored. We are curious to see how the participants implement their new ideas and which creatures and effects arise!

abdrucknehmen senjo_academy mit philou_design

Philomena on facial impression with alginate. Even if more and more silicone intervenes to take an impression, alginate has its strengths. It’s easy to work with and cheaper. If you do not need to store your impression form directly, you have the right material to help you here.

Enrico Abdruck in der Maske

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