23rd World Bodypainting Festival WBF 2020 moved to 2021

WBF 2019

23. WBF is moved !

Announced organizer Alex Barendregt currently. Our bodypainting highlight of the year is cancelled this year…

World Bodypainting Festival Bühne mit den SFX Siegern

This is a clear and important decision in Corona Covid-19 times. When body painters from all over the world come together, it’s about being together. An exchange of the best, getting to know the newcomers in the industry.
Everyone should stay healthy and use the time for creative ideas.

Alex writes about it in his blog:

The current difficult times force us to make decisions that are not easy. As in many countries of the world, measures are currently being taken against the further spread of the Corona Covid19 virus, also in Austria. On April 6th, the Federal Government announced that NO events and meetings may take place in public spaces until at least the end of June. Further evaluation is ongoing and we will only know at a later date under which conditions events will take place from July onwards. On the one hand, these are too vague statements, but on the other hand, the situation is much more difficult in many countries, so that travelling may not be possible for a long time into the summer as usual.
We are 100% behind the measures and the health of all participants and visitors, sponsors and partners and of course the whole festival crew has the highest priority in all our considerations. The internationality also owes the information at this point in time, without further waiting.

And probably the most important message for all of us:

Alex Barendregt, Organisator World Bodypainting Festival

Veranstelter WBF Alex Barendregt

We therefore announce that the 23rd World Bodypainting Festival will be postponed until next year, from 11 – 17 July 2021. The main days will take place from 15 – 17 July 2021 at Goethepark Klagenfurt.

Senjo Color is also hit hard. But it is also an incentive for us. A reflection on the good old days. And an inspiration to build a damn colorful time after the Corona pandemic.

WBF 2019 Senjo Color Zelt

We are looking forward to a Bodypainting Festival, for which we now have one year more time to prepare.

That was the WBF 2019: https://senjo-color.de/wbf2019-world-bodypainting-festival/