Third edition Face and Bodypaint contest Dongen 2012 (the Netherlands)

On the 22th of April 2012 the Dutch DFBW foundation organized the 3th edition of the Face- en Bodypaint contest in Dongen. This year with a double number of entries with 38 bodypaint participants. A jury of experts judged the face- and bodypaints. This year the visitors also voted which artist they liked best, this resulted in a winner of the favourite choice award of the audience.

At the end of the day models got up on the stage to show what the painters had made. They did a musical stage act of 2 minutes.

StarMagic, our Senjo Color importer in the Netherlands attended this bodypaint festivity with a big stand on the contest floor. Bodypainters could buy all Senjo colours. To show their enthusiasm of Senjo-Color Airbrush products they sponsored all three winners of the Airbrush category. Mario Speleman, Don Feltges en Mari v. Kasteren could choose on the spot out of the wide variety of colours in the StarMagic Senjo stand. Colours weren’t hard to choose for these 3 lucky contestants. They were like kids in a candystore. Futhermore StarMagic also sponsored an encouragement prize. It was handed out by no less than the Wolfe Brothers. The lucky facepainter could also choose Senjo-Color products to complement his facepaint assortment.

More about this day and pictures:

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