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Body Art Stencils by Senjo-Color

Stencils are in high demand to achieve quick and straightforward results. From our own daily practice we have developed stencils that help us save a lot of time.

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Beispielbild Faacepainting Stencil Anwendung




Der Knüller: Facepainting mit Schablonen!

TST1066-eyebrow-stencil-fantasy TST1070-zahnradset-3-teilig

body-stencil-kugeln-01 reptilienstruktur_01

Die komplette Schablonen Übersicht im Shop:

Customized production

We are happy to offer the creation of customized designs. The possibilities are endless – we can create anything from finger nail stencils to wall tattoos.

With our precision lasers we are also able to create small batches of company logos, or large batches with your own design.

Costs depend on stencil size, number of copies, and template quality. Please send your enquiry using our contact from.

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